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10 Amazing Therapists Tell You What Your Doctor Isn’t About How to Choose a Therapist

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10 Amazing Therapists Tell You What Your Doctor Isn’t About How to Choose a Therapist

Did you know that you actually do have a choice when it comes to your counsellor or psychotherapist? Check out these articles explaining why having a choice matters and how and where to find a therapist near you!

Psychotherapist, counsellors, psychologist, social workers, and psychiatrists …….How do I find a therapist?

By Andi Szasz

What your doctor won’t tell you about mental health treatment – the problem with the medical model

By Amanda Robins

So in answer to your question, I’m not OK…Now what?

By Rosie Jackson

The Beginner’s Guide to Finding a Good Therapist in Essex

By Emma Cameron

Did you know you have a choice?

By Karen Holmes

Important things you didn’t know about counselling

By Kate Kernick

5 Things you must know before seeing your GP for a Mental Health Care Plan

By Kerry Sutton

6 Ways to Find the Right Therapist For You

By Kylie Lepri

Why The Best Counsellor For You, May Be Someone Your Doctor’s Never Heard Of

By Toni Jackson

What your GP isn’t telling you about your mental health support options

By Frances Carelton

The Most Important Thing Your Doctor Doesn’t Tell You About How to Choose a Therapist

By Jodie Gale

More articles about how to choose a therapist

How to choose a therapist

By Louise Chunn

Psychotherapist, counsellor, social worker, life-coach, psychologist, psychiatrist – what’s the difference?

By Jodie Gale

How to find a good therapist

Dr. Elaine Aron

How to choose the best therapist or counselor for you


How do I find out which type of therapy is best for me?

By the UK Council for Psychotherapy

Choosing a counsellor or psychotherapist

By The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Choosing a therapist


By The New York Times

Private health cover needed for counselling and psychotherapy

By the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation Australia

These are your go-to websites in Australia to find highly qualified counsellors and psychotherapists

NB: If you are reading from outside of Australia, try searching for your National Psychotherapy Association.

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation Australia (PACFA)

Australian Counselling Association (ACA)

Australia Counselling

Trauma Support Directory

The Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA)

The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)

This post is part of the National Psychotherapy Day Blog Challenge for therapists to educate the public about psychotherapy and counselling.





Sydney Soul-Centred Psychotherapist, Counsellor + Eating Disorder Therapist, Jodie Gale, is a leading specialist in women’s emotional, psychological and spiritual health and well-being. Over the last 20 years, Jodie has helped 100s of women to transform their lives. She has a private counselling, life-coaching and psychotherapy practice in Manly, Allambie Heights and Frenchs Forest on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Jodie is passionate about putting the soul back into therapy!



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