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Why Psychosynthesis Therapy Rocks!

psychosynthesis books2A Psychology of Soul: Psychosynthesis

Psychosynthesis as a modality is much loved by both therapists and clients because of the hopeful context that is held. I recently interviewed some of my colleagues  – here is what they had to say about psychosynthesis; the benefits for them personally, professionally and for their clients.

Ratna Dyer, New Zealand

Ratna studied spiritual psychology for eight years. This has meant learning to live spirituality, not just as ideas but in her everyday reality. She has come to understand that the keys to a loving and fulfilling life are through compassion, self-awareness, and meaningful close relationships.  It is with that purpose that she is of service as a qualified psychosynthesis counsellor, to heartfully connect through the joy and the pain, accessing the gifts inherent within being human. Ratna practises in Ponsonby in Auckland, New Zealand. She writes this about psychosynthesis:

“Personally, training in psychosynthesis has brought me a wonderful way of being able to create a compassionate bridge between spirituality and the everyday reality of being a human being.  It has helped me to be more in my body, balance/tame my emotions, and quieten my thoughts.  I feel more peaceful and connected in life, both with remaining present through the difficult experiences and with a heigthened capacity for joy.

My clients benefit from psychosynthesis in that they can learn to balance the information they receive from their body, feelings and mind into understanding and listening to a deeper knowing of themselves. My clients can be guided to learn to take the time to listen and trust this inner knowing, and recognise with confidence and enjoyment an authentic experience of self.”

Adrienne Jeffries, Australia

Adrienne  trained at Psychosynthesis Adelaide with Dr Mary Fairbrother who was trained by Edith Stauffer. She also had the privilege of attending workshops with Edith. Alongside psychosynthesis, Adrienne is a qualified mental health social worker and is trained in family and couple therapy. Her consulting practice was established in Adelaide, South Australia in 1985.  In Adrienne’s practice she works with all sectors of the community: adults, children, business, schools, groups and individuals. She also provides psychosynthesis supervision and runs training and workshops in psychosynthesis. This is what Adrienne has to say about psychosynthesis:

“The process of Psychosynthesis inspired and supported my recovery as I progressed through the grief and loss of my mother. The whole Psychosynthesis process resonated with my life and work. I talked about writing a book on my work when I read “What We May be” by Piero Ferrucci. I felt I had “come home” as my first imagined book seemed to be reflected in those pages. A beautiful and sensitive understanding of humanity was affirmed for me. That was 28 years ago. I knew I wanted to train in Psychosynthesis and so immersed myself in the process. Psychosynthesis made sense and my work and therapeutic practice started to transform and continues to do so.

It is an amazing process and my personal life and professional life are supported and enriched by the understanding and intuitive wisdom I have developed from my personal work and teaching Psychosynthesis to my students.

Clients who see me benefit from the deep presence I have developed and continue to evolve as I hold a safe space for their unfolding. Recently a client commented that he came to see me not just for my knowledge but specifically for who I am. “Who I am” has been influenced by this work and I continue to deepen my experience through the journey of self and Psychosynthesis.

Psychosynthesis is truly an awesome way to work, as I know I have a traveller and guide, a client and therapist and a learner and knower within and I know I am much, much more than all my identifications and sub-personalities. I now own my wisdom which is part of the collective wisdom of this wonderful creative universe that is home to all of humankind.

Psychosynthesis is a dynamic, transformative approach I use in my life and my work and I am honoured to be able to offer my learning and teaching to others. Self-identification and the development of will have lead me to an inner safe sanctum.

 I know my clients can also take action to experience an inner safe place where they may choose to create their own destiny.”

Bernadette Devine, United Kingdom

Bernadette is a Master’s qualified psychosynthesis psychotherapist, has a Master’s in Medical Anthropology, and is currently undertaking her DProf at Middlesex University in the UK. She has a background in nursing, health policy analysis, risk management, medical negligence management, and 20 years’ experience in health and business. Recently Bernadette trained to be an instructor of Kundalini yoga and currently she practises psychotherapy at Tooley Street, London Bridge and in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Bernadette jumped at the chance to share with me about psychosynthesis:

“Of all the various forms of psychotherapy training, Psychosynthesis stands out in that its roots are within mainstream psychoanalysis, and has its branches heavenwards. This bi focal approach encompasses the mind, the body, spirit and soul of all psychologies, whilst honouring the unique journey of each individual on the traveller’s path to wholeness.

The beauty of psychosynthesis is that it transcends and transforms the obvious present challenge, into what is trying to emerge into wholeness within each person

Within relationships, groups and work situations, the models  of Psychosynthesis provide maps by which to navigate the waves, appreciate the views and unify the experiences, taking all to new levels of both consciousness and exploration.  It is a smart psychology, timeless as well as timely, and its body of work resides as much in the practitioners as in publications.

The client-therapist relationship has its own unique quality based on the field of psychosynthesis academic literature, which is of a deep respect for clients and what is being explored within each client session.

Psychosynthesis training reassembled the somewhat jumbled configuration of my mind, and reassembled my heart through the soul work of psychosynthesis psychotherapy and training.  Was it easy, no, was it worth it? Yes.

My journey through psychosynthesis training was a dedicated time of deep soul work, and recognition of self in the other.

The training facilitates insight, hindsight and some foresight; this enables a unique therapeutic encounter, resulting in present understanding, an honouring of the past and the hope of the journey towards wholeness, peace, love and presence in the world.”

This post is part of my Therapy Rocks! series.





Sydney Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Therapeutic Counsellor, Trauma + Eating Disorder Therapist, Jodie Gale, is a leading specialist in women’s emotional, psychological and spiritual health and well-being. Over the last 20+ years, Jodie has helped 100s of women transform their lives. She has a private counselling, life-coaching and psychotherapy practice in Manly, Allambie Heights and Frenchs Forest on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Jodie is passionate about putting the soul back into therapy!



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