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Inside Out: We All Have Little Voices in Our Head [Official Movie Trailer]

inside out official trailer 2Inside Out: We All Have Little Voices in Our Head

Pixar’s “Inside Out” intricately explores the realm of human emotions, cleverly representing the concept of subpersonalities found in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy. The film introduces anthropomorphic emotions embodying distinct facets of the protagonist’s psyche. Each character—Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust—represents a unique subpersonality, playing a role in shaping the protagonist’s emotional experiences.

As the narrative unfolds, “Inside Out” provides a vivid depiction of the interplay between different subpersonalities and their impact on emotional well-being. The film serves as a poignant reflection on the complexities of human emotions and the journey towards self-discovery. The characters become metaphors for the diverse facets of the self, encouraging viewers to contemplate the richness and depth of their own internal worlds. “Inside Out” beautifully captures the essence of psychosynthesis, illustrating the potential for transformation when individuals engage with and understand their various parts of the psyche. The film stands as a compelling reminder of the power of self-awareness and the importance of embracing the multiplicity within oneself for holistic well-being.

In Robbie Collin’s review in the Sydney Morning Herald, he writes,

“Pixar is at the peak of its heartstring-tugging powers with this poignant, joyful coming-of-age story…The first tear was rolling down my cheek within 30 seconds flat.”

You can watch the Inside Out trailer below and there is also a great review of Inside Out in Spirituality and Practice.


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