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Relationship and Marriage Counselling

‘Intimate relationships are amongst the most complex webs that we human beings can entangle ourselves in’

Nick Duffell & Helena Løvendal Sørensen

Are you a couple in crisis?

It is normal for all relationships to experience conflict at some time or another. Many couples in crisis sweep their problems under the carpet often resulting in hurt, anger and resentment. However, conflict and crisis can provide you with an opportunity for a deeper level of acceptance, love, growth and transformation.

Relationship and marriage counselling is for couples who want to work on:
  • Intimacy, love and sex
  • Betrayal and sexual infidelity
  • Communication skills
  • Conscious relations and right relating
  • Conflicts (eg. family, addiction, financial)
  • Step-family dynamics
  • Jealousy
  • Change in circumstances (eg. baby, finances)
  • Pre-marital counselling
  • Infertility and alternative parenting paths
  • Nourishing your relationship
  • Levelling and setting healthy boundaries
  • Disconnectedness from each other
  • Family history impacting on the present
  • Unfulfilled needs
  • Self-esteem and self-worth
  • Power dynamics
  • Shared goals and growth
  • Unhealthy relationship patterns
  • Commitment issues
  • Codependence/independence/interdependence
  • Divorce and co-parenting
  • Conscious and mindful parenting
  • Self-care
Relationship and marriage counselling can benefit you by:
  • Providing a safe and supportive space to talk opening about your differences
  • Helping you to build skills to manage conflict
  • Building emotional intelligence
  • Learning skills to communicate your wants and needs
  • Reconnecting with yourself and each other
  • Rebuilding the foundations for a happy and loving relationship
  • Gaining skills to be more mindful, present and conscious in your relationship
  • Deepening your relationship by living a life filled with value, meaning and purpose
  • Learning how to find a balance between love (feminine energy) and will (masculine energy)
How I work with couples

In addition to my core training in psychosynthesis, I work with couples using systemic relationship and family therapy, family constellations, Martin Buber’s ‘Right Relations’, transactional analysis and mindfulness theory and techniques.

I regularly attend workshops at Relationships Australia as part of my continued professional development.

We need to nurture our individual selves, the other and the spirit of the relationship.  This is the key to ongoing healthy relationships!

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